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First 1000+ Miles on the Enertia

1000 miles on the odometer

I logged another 500+ miles on my Enertia. I’m amazed at how motivated I am to commute on this thing. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve owned road-going motorcycles for most of my adult life, and I’ve never felt compelled to commute on one more than once every month or two. This bike is such a pleasure to commute on. After 4+ weeks, I don’t know what I look forward to more in the morning, My cup of home roasted coffee or my commute into work.

Today’s mpkWh

My Enertia and I are definitely getting much more efficient. I set a personal record on my commute home today.

20.2 miles / 2.14 kWh = 9.44 mpkWh

I thought about putting up some more calculations about how much money I’m saving, but instead I’d like to leave the calculations out and simple state the following:

1000 miles / 14.5 mpg = 69.0 Gallons of Diesel

And that’s obviously diesel fuel that I didn’t burn. That doesn’t sound like much, but I’m just one person. As EV adoption grows, this will become significant.

A Truly Inspiring Ride

During this first month with the Enertia, Earth Week has come and gone. I’m not sure if it was Earth Week or the dozens of green conversations that I’ve had since owning the Enertia, but the environment has been on my mind a lot. Everyone seems to be interested in doing their part, but the overwhelming sentiment is that it costs too much to make any significant difference. The beauty about the Enertia is that it doesn’t take much to make a difference whether you measure in carbon, gallons, or dollars.

For the first 500 miles I showed a simple illustration of how much money I’m saving with the Enertia compared to driving my diesel pickup. I’ll definitely admit that I went from one heck of a guzzler to something much more efficient, and so my results are going to be much more significant that most. I could have seen a significant improvement by going to a modest ICE motorcycle or even a modest improvement with a small sedan. But this whole question of “improvement” depends on the criteria by which you’re judging. Counting carbon is a bit controversial with some, especially global warming doubters. But no one (save for oil barons) can argue the numerous negatives of oil.

Gulf Oil Spill

Well it’s true that I went from doing all of my commuting and errands in my diesel pickup to doing those same trips on a motorcycle, but I think it’s tremendously important that I did that trip without the use of fuel derived from oil. Sure I might get my energy from fossil fuels, but it sure wasn’t from oil pumped out of [and into] the Gulf of Mexico.

I’m from that neck of the woods. I grew up in the Florida Panhandle. We’ve got the worlds most beautiful beaches. The sugar-fine sand is as white as the driven snow and piles up in sand dunes almost overnight. Well what do you think that sand is going to look like mixed with crude oil? I’m thinking something along the lines of a Ben and Jerry’s flavor…with dead seafood mixed in. Gives a whole new meaning to Phish Food, huh?

Joking and tourism aside, let’s just take a second to imagine what’s going to happen to the massively large and delicate wetland ecosystems in the Mississippi Delta. I spent a day diving among the mangroves in Bonaire a few years back, and I learned a lot about these sheltered brackish ecosystems along the shore. They are basically estuaries where the oceans fish are hatched, sheltered, and raised until they can fend for themselves out at sea. These are the same fish that are caught commercially and fed to you and I…well maybe you.

Well not all people care about the ocean as much as I do, but I think everyone agrees that we can find some important reason to us to get off of oil. Loosing countless lives of the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, America, and the various allies is a strong reason to me as well. Global warming, the bleaching of the worlds ocean reefs, and the loss of island nations are a few others. I don’t care how much of a global warming denier you are…burning oil to get our lazy selves to the nearest fast food drive through has got to end in our lifetime.