Monthly Archives: December 2010

Office Charging Stations: Breaking Ground

I’ve mentioned before that the facilities manager at my office is a true-blue believer in EVs. He’s had a long career working with industrial electric motors, and understands them to their very core. He’s really supported me and the Enertia from day one. He even putting up with its charging fans blowing right outside of his office inside of our shipping and receiving area. He’s dead set on getting a Nissan Leaf too, because its got the range to suit his commuting needs.

They’re Here

He’s been giving me progress reports on the company’s initiative to install Coulomb Charging Stations at work. There have been some delays with the contractors, but I’m happy to say that they’ve broken ground this week. From the looks of it, we should have five posts serving ten spots with Level 1 and Level 2 charging.

Progress for Day 1

They made a little more progress on day two. There are trenches behind the ledges and some electrical utility boxes installed.The boxes are kind of ugly, so I hope they do something to disguise them. The last thing that I want to hear is people condemning them because they’re ugly. As it is, the location is already taking up exterior spaces where the car worshiping d-bags double park their cars like it’s some sort of Grease era car show.

Progress from day 2

I can’t wait to see them operation. From what I’ve been told, they’ll be open to the public too. So anyone with a ChargePass Card (like me) can use them. I’m not sure if that policy will be permanent, but I can’t imagine that there will be too many non-employees using them. When they go online, hopefully they’ll show up on Coulomb’s Awesome Webapp.

Of course, when they do go online, it means the end of my indoor parking. Oh well. :)