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MAMP – LAMP for Your Mac

MAMP does more than just take the L out of LAMP. MAMP is a single package that include Apache w/ PHP and MySQL. A professor recently suggested something called NetServer for Windows, but it left the Mac guys out in the cold. Luckily, MAMP is much cooler.

Both of these packages include decent web interfaces for checking vital stats of the server and phpMyAdmin for configuring our MySQL server. However, MAMP makes use of Expose by creating a simple little widget that you can use to bring the servers up and down.

As far as features, NetServer is a clear winner. It includes a Mail server and an FTP server. This is fine for my development purposes, as MAMP is not intended to host sites. Actually both packages leave the database wide open, and so they probably shouldn’t be used for public purposes unless you tighten up the admin password.

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