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I may have caught on to this beautiful little piece of marketing late, but I’m hooked. Pandora is a music player built with Macromedia Flash. But that’s not the point. The point is, it builds playlists (Internet Radio Stations) for you based on whatever song or artist that you type in. “Operation Ivy” yielded on fantastic set of tracks.

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I’m trying to rid myself of my last Windows box, but I’m dragging my feet. I got on the kick a while ago when I realized that I wasn’t using my Windows PC for anything but browsing, development, photo editing, and music. So I got on a Mac kick, thinking that I’d just set up an NIS domain and slap a Mac on it. Then I looked at the pricetags…

Many Mac fans argue that they’re actually quite comparible when you consider the ratio of “perceived performance” to cost. Macs run smooth, due in a large part to OSx. But being an old PC guy, I couldn’t pick out an iMac or a Mac Mini even though they would have go the job done.

I dropped the idea for nearly six months, until recently I decided to just put Linux on that last Windows PC. I quickly ran through my list of replacement apps that I’d be using:

  • The GIMP – Photo Editing
  • OpenOffice – A superb and compatible MS Office replacement
  • GAIM – IM on just about any system out there
  • Firefox Flock – Web browsing
  • ? – What to do about buying music from iTunes

So that’s my last problem…”What do do about iTunes”. There are plenty of media players for Linux but nothing looked promising until Banshee. This might be the last piece to my puzzle, but I actually like to buy music from iTunes… I mean, their DRM policies are a pain, but I don’t mind yet.

Well, I think that I’ve stumbled onto my solution. Turn my Windows Dell into a Mac. OSx86 Project has a ton of help for installing OSx on a standard PC. And although you might think this is software piracy, Apple lets you buy a license for $129. I just don’t think they realize that it’s for a Dell. I didn’t see any fine print, but I’m sure that it’s on the box someplace.

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More than just the hottest new Firefox extension, Flock is a totally different browsing experience. It delivers a easy user interface to hot Web 2.0 must-haves. For instance, this WordPress Blog is being done with Flock. I just surfed to Flock’s site and picked “Blog this”.

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